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Classic Car Repair & Restoration

With 46 years of experience, My Classic Car Trader has been repairing and rebuilding classic cars in New Jersey with the knowledge, detail, and quality YOU are looking for. If you are looking for classic car repair call us today!

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Classic & Antique

Car Restoration & Repair

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No matter what you’re looking for, we’re committed to bringing you exactly what you need, when you need it. We restore and help preserve vintage automobiles in Sicklerville, New Jersey. Our team of experienced craftsmen are passionate about restoring cars to their original iconic splendor. My Classic Car Trader's dedicated team uses "state-of-the-art" restoration techniques to ensure that each individual car is given proper care. Services may include bodywork, paint, engine restoration, interior restoration, and more. Our customers love working with us because we produce high quality products with an exceptionally fast turnaround.

Mechanical Repairs

Classic and antique cars

We specialize in mechanical repairs for Classic & Antique Cars from 1928-1970. With over 40 years experience working on Vintage cars our mechanical repair service provides the opportunity to get your project on the road again. Click below to view our specific services and some of the projects we have worked on.

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Rebuilding Services

Classic and antique cars

We offer a wide range of rebuilding Services for your Classic & Antique Car from Fuel Pump Rebuilding, Knee Action & Lever Action Shock, Carburetors, Vacuum Advance Rebuilding, Distributors, Starters, Generators. Click learn more to see everything we offer. Please call (609) 462-74112 for more information and pricing.

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Rebuilding Services

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DELCO Knee Action Shock Rebuilding


DELCO Lever Action Shocks Rebuilding


Carter RJH Brass Bowl Carburetor Rebuilding


Double Action Fuel Pump Rebuilding



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